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The company adheres to the concept of "research and development, management first", takes market demand as the research orientation, integrates internal and external innovation resources of the enterprise, forms a relatively complete technological innovation mechanism and establishes a research and development organization and management system. We have systematically standardized the company's R&D innovation projects, R&D activities, transformation of innovation achievements, intellectual property protection, R&D investment, talent training, and performance evaluation, formulated systems, and consolidated the foundation.The company also realized the process, standardization and institutionalization of R&D work to ensure it is carried out orderly and effectively , and the core competitiveness of the company is continuously consolidated and strengthened.

The company has a special R&D department, with R&D test sites, offices and pilot test bases, laboratories, reference rooms, and 21 sets of R&D equipment and instruments, which can meet the needs of project laboratory trial production. The company has invested a lot of money in research-related projects, including research fees, equipment and instrument fees, material experiment fees, fuel power fees, R&D personnel labor costs, and other expenses. After being identified as Wuxi Intelligent Micromotor Engineering Technology Research Center in 2013, the company was identified as Jiangsu Intelligent Micromotor Engineering Technology Research Center in December 2015, and passed the acceptance of Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center in May 2018.

The company has established a professional R&D team with a full range of disciplines including mechanical automation design, electronic information, materials and other technical fields. The above-mentioned technical personnel have solid theoretical foundation, rich professional experience and strong practical ability. The company's R&D team has been engaged in the research and development of motors and deceleration mechanisms for decades, and has successively developed products such as anti-interference electromagnetic filter permanent magnet DC motors and single and two-way clutch structure reducers, and has a number of invention patents and utility model patents. We can quickly respond to customers’ research and development needs and actively carry out research and development of gear motors related technologies and problems at the same time. Our research and development capabilities are recognized by customers and the industry.

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