Welcome To Viz4U V3!

Date November 23, 2011

Welcome To Viz4U, it’s the V3 (Version 3) now!

You might ask, why V3? What’s wrong with V2? Well, lets put it this way, I see building Viz4U as a learning process which can help me to improve my blog setup skill and eventually able to build better and better blog.

I see there’s room of improvement from V2, I don’t want to go into details, cause it’s a bit technical. As Viz4U guest, you just need to visit this new blog for latest post. I will remain the old blog in case you want to look for old post item. This new blog might looks lack of plugin in the side bar, I will fine tune and add more in gradually.

There are some changes on the iTunes Plus items and HD videos posted method:

1. In V3, if an iTunes album M4A (ITP) comes with M4V (ITPV) or LP (ITLP), they will be posted together under the same post, but in different link. As usual, if there’s Digital Booklet, it will be packed together with album.
2. Most likely I will not post single M4V anymore (unless it’s come together with the album, in order to let you have the complete album). It’s been puzzling to me why iTunes didn’t release HD music video since it’s a HD generation now. But no worry, if iTunes didn’t, lets Viz4U bring you the HD music video (ITVHD). I won’t say Viz4U HD music video is perfect, but it’s definitely wayyyyy better quality than iTunes official released music video, try download and compare yourselves. 🙂
3. All movie (ITMHD) will be posted in HD only.

And last but not least: Viz4U is on Facebook now! See the Like button on the header, everyone please Like Viz4U!

It’s been a long way since I first started Viz4U, as you can see, it’s already version 3 now. Viz4U is one of the pioneer iTunes Plus blog, but there are more and more other iTunes Plus blog/forum arise lately, I am having hard time to maintain the blog, and the guest number as well. But if there’s still guest visiting Viz4U, I won’t give up easily.

Thanks for keep supporting Viz4U.


27 Responses to “Welcome To Viz4U V3!”

  1. George said:

    I’m happy to see this blog improve and grow! & I really like the HD Music Video idea. Keep up the good work! and Thank you for all you do! 😀

  2. Tito said:

    I’m looking forward to see improvements in your already amazing blog. All of the posts in v2 will be posted here, right?

  3. Channtell said:

    I like it!

  4. PS said:

    Congratulations and the blog will always improving.
    I’m from Brazil but I’m always on the lookout for news of Viz4U.

  5. Pyro said:

    Great! I’m a fan since the V1 and it’s amazing to see you grow more and more! You have my support all the way! Thanks for everything! Good work!

  6. vaibhav said:

    I don’t know how to thank you in words. You do so much of hard work just because of us.

  7. TT said:

    Keep up the good work Paco, the blog looks beatiful!

  8. Nick said:

    Keep up the good work Paco. I visit here once or twice every week. It’s so far one of the top i+ blogs existing on the internet. You go!

  9. zack9109 said:

    Keep up bro!!!, I’m so happy that this blog keeps improving with every step, just 1 question r U just gonna unpload music videos in HD 720p or 1080p??? many thanks from Peru xD!!!!!

  10. paco said:


  11. Nathan said:

    Brilliant. Thank you so much for the hard work!


  12. Tico said:

    The best as always.

  13. kyleongwl said:

    Keep it up..u hv my support

  14. Fabs said:

    Hey man, i was wondering where you get your HD music videos since iTunes doesn’t offer them? good job on the site and thanks!

  15. Jorge said:

    Well done Paco! i like this new version just the only problem i think the images are too big but for the rest its amazyn! i dont ussualy make a download from music just use ur movie section! Ure Awesome!!!

  16. Johny said:

    I Like This Blog

  17. Elías said:

    TH▲NX FOR ALL, I hope u keep posting music from iTunes (like albums and LP). Please, could u get Brava! – Paulina Rubio =)

  18. jmoth31 said:

    amazing work! you da best. Always with you paco!!

  19. Jorge said:

    Thanks for the ALL THE MUSIC, and i like the idea of put the videos together with the album, very practical.
    This may be annoying but a lo time ago i requested an album from Florence + The Machine: Lungs (Delixe Edition) US STORE and i never found it, is a new deluxe version with a booklet you’ll make my christmas if you have the time to post it
    PD: i follow you since you first blog 😀
    Thanks again

  20. Moy said:

    PLEASE! The New Deluxe Edition of David Guetta’s Nothing but the Beat, PLEASE! can’t find it anywhere + thanks for all the good stuff you give us…

  21. Moy said:


  22. dragonair said:

    hi. well done for still running the site 🙂
    I just have one question about the movies – are they original untouched version of movies purchased from iTunes or are you encoding them again but in higher quality than before?

    p.s. I am also a fan from V1 and thanks for all the uploads, I keep checking this blog almost daily.

  23. James said:

    can you please post Dia Frampton – Red

  24. Jon said:

    Love your site, hey do you think you can get Natalie Imbruglia’s cds. You used to have them on the Version 1 of the site but all of those links are gone. thanx in advance

  25. Nat said:

    Sorry, But I Want to say That all Single of Kelly Rowland has been remove from hot file, Now just please re-upload them in zip file like you have did it on the first version of this site please. Thankyou!

  26. HeBop said:

    Hey Paco thanks for all your hard work. Could you possibly post the movie files in there non HD form as well? Like the ones you used to post. Unfortunately none of the new HD files will work on my iPod. I have an iPod classic and apparently HD files won’t work on it. I have a classic because of the storage size and I love being able to have all my music and what ever movies I want with me.

    Thanks again for all that you do and contrats on the new site.

  27. jealousjockey said:

    I’m happy for you and it’s so good to see that your sites are always getting better… Congratulations, Paco! Success! :] <3

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