How To Access Backup Link?

Date January 15, 2015

Viz4U is one of the earliest iTunes Plus blog (since Feb 2010), it’s been a blog that open to public since the beginning, I have backup the file to many file hosts, and these file hosts just went dead throughout the years. I have receive tons of re-up request everyday and it just impossible for me to fulfill all of them. Recently one of my hard drive corrupted and lots of my files in the drive has been destroyed, it’s such a painful experience cause many of my purchased/collected files are gone. This remind me (and I would like to remind all of you) to backup all your important files, to a backup drive or to trustable file hosting. So this what I am doing, backup all Viz4U content to one single private file host. Since these backup files are in private file host, I can’t release the link publicly.

If you been follow Viz4U for a while, please consider to make a $30 donation to support Viz4U, as a returned I will create a 6 months Viz4U/V3 member login for you to access my backup link. As I said, this is meant for private backup purpose, please don’t share the link elsewhere once you get the login. One the donation been made, if you have any re-up request, please send it to me through email and I will prioritize it (max up to 10 album). I will continue to work on all the old content re-up, and with the donation, hopefully add some exclusive content to the blog for the member. So in short, this is what you will get if you make the $30 donation:

– 6 months Viz4U/V3 membership (not includes iMovie Club or V4 access)
– Confirm fulfill Re-Up request up to 10 albums
– Exclusive contents (will add them gradually)
– All backup link are direct download and ads free
– No more full page overlay ads after login

Please note that all link in V1 and V2 blog is dead, and some old post in V3 as well, and there’s no backup link for these post, please check the post properly, all these link will have to re-up through request, Please check the post properly before donation.

Sounds good? Here you go:

Once donation been made, I will send you the member login within 48 hours. Shall you any inquiries, please email to

Thank you for your support!


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